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Robin Leysen has some preliminary weapons data.

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Role-playing Space: Above and Beyond

Late fall 1997, the 57th Crusaders decided to create a role-playing game based on Space: Above and Beyond. I became responsible for creating the rules for the role playing game, drawing on my five year experience as a professional RPG writer and my more than fifteen years experience of role playing in general to to this. The resulting rule core was based on old constructions and totally re-engineered. The result was the Rimworlds core rules. If combined with the Space: Above and Beyond setting (still under development), you will have "Death out of Darkness - Role-playing Space: Above and Beyond".

To Do

There's still a lot of work to do before "Death out of Darkness" is finished. For now, the game is playable but not much more. The core is being playtested at various places around the globe, but a lot more work will go into the project. The rule core is only the beginning.

Here are some of the things that has to go into the project:

Except for this, a lot more work have to go down in the description of Earth and its colonies ca 2060.

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