1500.jpg (17434 bytes)Here I'm holding a two-handed sword from c. 1500 AD. It's 1382 mm (54.4") long and weighs about 2500 grams (approx. 5.5 lbs.). The blade is 1073 mm (42.2") long and 54 mm (2.1") wide and in rather good condition, with some surface pitting but generally sound steel. It is basically an Oakeshott type XX. It has Passau stamps (the running wolf). The cross is a forged "pretzel" and the pommel a knoblike affair made of bronze, decorated with a simple geometric pattern. The sword is pretty blade-heavy, with a point of balance 200 mm (c. 8") in front of the cross. The blade displays some unevenness that indicates a sub-standard blade. Taken together with the rather simple hilt, one can assume that it was a foot-soldier's weapon. The edge has about a dozen nicks. This indicates that the sword has been used in an incompetent way or in a desperate situation, as no sensible swordsman would damage the blade in regular combat.

Close-up of the blade. Note the nicks.

Full-length view of the sword.